Vital Xposure is a touring theatre company operating under the creative leadership of disabled artist Julie McNamara. The company promotes hidden voices with extraordinary stories to tell.

Our mission is to create exciting, innovative theatrical experiences for audiences, artists and communities alike. All work presents an inclusive experience where access issues do not intrude upon the aesthetic of the productions.

We engage with hidden voices with incredible stories to tell from the periphery of our communities.

We create highly visual work that blends strong imagery with provocative literary narrative.

We challenge common assumptions and inequality.

We push boundaries opening new ways to engage with the arts.

We work in partnership with organisations and artists both nationally and internationally.

Access for all is at the heart of everything we do.

We promote the full participation into the arts of Deaf and Disabled individuals and people excluded by mainstream society including LGBQT individuals and anyone unrepresented because of their race, gender, sexual orientation or social status.

Our values:

Social Justice





Our work is driven by social justice and appeals to a wide range of people interested in new writing, in voices from the political periphery, in LGBTQ+ and feminist theatre. Vital Xposure’s signature style appeals to people who enjoy bold narratives, high powered and challenging stories with a Disability-led access aesthetic:

‘These beautifully crafted vignettes ripple with humour and humanity, struggle and desire. As theatre, The Butch Monologues is as important a piece of social activism as Dean Bryant’s Gaybies’

Cameron Woodhead, The Sydney Morning Herald, ****

‘Every time I see a Vital Xposure show I’m reminded that the world disables people, they aren’t born that way.’

Audience member, Voices from The Knitting Circle

‘Very grateful for the film and for the whole evening. It crystallised lots of thoughts for me around how women and outsiders are hated. I feel inspired to fight somehow’

Audience member, Blue Pen

Vital Xposure was founded in 2011, the following year we became an Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisation. We are grateful for the public investment we have received and we continue to be an NPO for the funding period 2018 – 2022.

We are also thankful to City Bridge Trust and Without Walls for supporting our work.