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Chair Vacancy 2021

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We are seeking a new Chair to support Artistic Director, Simon Startin, Vital Xposure’s Team and lead the Board of five committed Directors to oversee the growth of the Company through its next exciting decade. We are interested in hearing…
Screenshot of the online discussion panel event on Zoom. The image is split into 6 square blocks of equal size depicting profiles of the speakers and the company logo. Top row, from left to right: JulieMcNamara in a living room setting, Vital Xposure's red logo against black background and Clare Edwards the BSL Interpreter against a neutral blue background. Bottom row, from left to right: Penelope Freeman in a living room setting, Mandy Colleran's photo portrait wearing big glasses and a pair of headsets with mic, and Deni Francis against a neutral green background.

Online Discussion Panel and Q&A – VIDEO

Following a successful run at cinemas and film festivals, Voices from the Knitting Circle was screened online between 5 October and 15 November 2020. Through this online activity we wanted to pay tribute to the women who survived life in…
Middle aged white man with mid length brown hair standing against a grey brick background. He is wearing black rimmed glasses, a light green neck scarf, dark green woollen jumper and a twinkle in his eye.

New Artistic Director

Our new Artistic Director We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Simon Startin has been appointed as our new Artistic Director! He will join the Vital Xposure team in early 2021 as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary. Simon is an…
Two images against a dark orange background. Image one: Magazine cover of Disability Arts in London - DAIL on its 10th celebration in 1996. The cover features a portrait photo of the late Chris Ledger. Image two: a poster of the Workshop Cabaret in 1986


Disability History Month 2020: Julie McNamara pays tribute to beloved comrades of the Disability Arts Movement     My friend woke up in an Intensive care ward with DNR written over her head. DNR, Do Not Resuscitate. Before…
A black and white photo of former residents and survivors Mary (left) and Rosie (right). Two white elderly women in their living room. They comfortably sit on armchairs and laugh.

Online Discussion Panel and Q&A – Voices from the Knitting Circle

  Join the acting cast who recreated these remarkable voices depicted on film, talking with director Julie Mc, who describes the extraordinary seven-year journey of this documentary, exposing shocking stories that uncover unpalatable…
Photo collage of Vital Xposure's previous work.

Artistic Director Vacancy

We are seeking a dynamic, creative leader with a strong artistic vision, to join this small, hard-working team and shape the future of Vital Xposure. We are looking for an explorer, open to new adventures; someone with a passion for staging…
Black and white photo of two elderly white women facing each other and laughing. Betty, on the left, has short brown hair and Miriam, on the right, long white hair in plaits.

Online screening – Voices from the Knitting Circle

Following a successful run at cinemas and film festivals, we are delighted to announce that Voices from the Knitting Circle will be screened online this autumn, launching on Monday 5 October at 7pm. It will remain available to watch…
The portrait of a white woman. She firmly faces the viewer. A dystopian digital background of a destructed city. Screenshot from the online sharing via Zoom. White Pariahs - Quite Rebels Second R&D - July 2020.Screenshot by Mohammed Ali

White Pariahs: Quiet Rebels – Second R&D

In autumn 2019  we undertook a research  and development period of White Pariahs, unearthing the hidden stories of white working class women who crossed the 'colour line’, and fell in love with, or married Black men.  This was the beginning…
A theatre stage set in a circle. The background comprises stacks of white boxes, the ones on top are open. A '70s chair is placed at the centre of the stage, and around the stage there are two bottles of wine, high heel shoes thrown on the floor and a floral dress hanging out from one of the boxes on the floor.Kay Fi'ain

Chairs’ Letter: Please Help the Arts Survive

The performing arts are battling for survival at a time when theatre matters more than ever. It’s not only the West End, the annual panto, world-class musicals, dance, opera and Shakespeare – it’s the creative and outreach work happening…