Productions and projects

VX Labs

Vital Xposure's new three-year development programme that aims to bring together artists and regional partners across England to co-design an infrastructure for inclusive models of performance, extending disabled-led practices and innovative theatre-making.

Wellspring 2023

Wellspring 2023, the second round of Vital Xposure's professional development programme for London-based disabled, d/Deaf and Neurodivergent playwrights and script writers, supported by City Bridge Trust.


A series of short films shining a light on disabled, d/Deaf and Neurodivergent playwrights. How can we sustain theatre if we don’t actively nurture artists that make it happen? When we do not have all the answers, let’s not be afraid to ask.

Quiet Rebels – Autumn 2022 Tour

Powerful storytelling about white working-class women who crossed the colour line to marry men of the Windrush generation. Written and directed by Hassan Mahamdallie and Julie McNamara.

Medicine’s Monstrous Daughters

Different women. Different times. Same system. 

Voices from The Knitting Circle – Documentary

A chilling glimpse into the secret worlds and stolen years inside the asylums...

The Butch Monologues

A powerful and humorous collection of secret stories exploring sexuality, vulnerability and desire...

Pullen’s Party

Vital Xposure is on a mission to liberate James Henry Pullen and his giant puppet...

Blue Pen

Blue Pen is an experimental short film about censorship and the disappearance of dissenting voices.

Hold the hearse!

Follow Walter Riddle and Mad Mary as they hide amongst the collections in medical museums...

I dream, I dare, I do

A documentary follows three young artists and their mentoring relationships...

The Knitting Circle

A chilling glimpse into the secret worlds and stolen years inside the asylums...