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Quiet Rebels – Autumn Tour 2022 Announcement

A Dervish Productions, Vital Xposure and Belgrade Theatre co-production Developed in partnership with Soul City Arts and The Albany Vital Xposure and Dervish Productions are delighted to announce the UK tour of Quiet Rebels written and directed by Julie McNamara (The Knitting Circle) and Hassan Mahamdallie (The Crows Plucked Your Sinews). Quiet Rebels is based […]


Quiet Rebels – Autumn 2022 Tour

Powerful storytelling about white working-class women who crossed the colour line to marry men of the Windrush generation. Written and directed by Hassan Mahamdallie and Julie McNamara.


Stage Manager and Relighting/Technical Stage Manager positions 2022

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please note that the Stage Manager position is now filled  (updated 12 August 2022). We continue to look for a Relighting / Technical Stage Manager for the following dates: Thursday 6 October 2022 – Friday 11 November 2022 Monday 14 November 2022: 1 day (returns) If […]


Designer for Quiet Rebels

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please note that this role is now filled (updated 11 August 2022).    We would like to work with a Designer for our next production, Quiet Rebels, opening at The Belgrade Theatre in Coventry on Saturday 10 September 2022. The play is set in 2028, in an imagined, […]


Wellspring Writers Showcase

An online presentation of fresh, determined voices in theatre who are re-defining the ‘mainstream’ narrative with provocations for social justice, multi-layered identities and their own disabled-led storytelling. The showcase featured eight short films showing excerpts of new work written by each of the amazing Wellspring Writers in the past few months: Choking Hazard (previously Redraft), […]


Lilac Yosiphon

When I was a kid, writing was an activity that came very natural to me. I wrote poetry and prose, monologues and journals and never really stopped. One of the bits of text I wrote, when I was about eleven, was ‘I’d like to live in a bubble which protects me’. It was a very […]


Carmen D’ Cruz

Hi there! I’m Carmen D’Cruz, just your typical average queer, brown, neurodiverse, gender fluid, drag performing playwright from a council estate in South London. I’d just left a two year contract managing a plucky theatre in Brighton after a fairly unromantic career as a digital project manager. A very attractive and intelligent playwright friend of […]


Gabrielle MacPherson

In true icebreaker / first-day-in-rehearsals style, let’s play truths and a lie: I am a proud working-class, chips-cheese-and-gravy-loving, disabled artist, from the North of England, with a pet stegosaurus called whiskers. I did a happy dance in the street when I got the email telling me I had the opportunity to join Wellspring. I was […]


Paula Brett

During our lock-in weekend, I pulled Simon Startin into a virtual Zoom room and asked him: “You know that assumed modern-day-normal-world that a lot of plays take place in? At what point does COVID permeate that ‘normal’ world in a play that’s definitely not about COVID?” It’s an interesting time to learn to be a […]


Robbie Curran

When I began my career as a young actor with autism, I was – without knowing it – shy, scared and ashamed. Not of who I am, but how I am. My experiences navigating the shape of the industry, the advice of people higher up, and the opinions of those I deemed to know better […]


Nicole Latchana

I’m a queer neurodiverse woman of colour writing stories from but not always about this perspective, for theatre and TV. I’m interested in telling stories in new ways and dramatizing seemingly complex, but actually simple, philosophical ideas. At times, having ADHD can feel like a super power, I charge into hyper focus mode and get […]


Fatima Serghini

Hello, my name is Fatima and I own two ring lights. I was named after my two grandmothers, both called Fatima. They had the most extraordinary Amazigh (Berber) tattoos on their faces. The ancient Berber tradition of facial tattooing of women was a mark of cultural identity, womanhood and beauty, but is fast dying out […]