Jacqui Beckford performing for 'The Called' in front of a video projection. Photo credit: Stephen Rudder.Photo description: A light skinned Black woman stares down towards the floor. Her dreadlocks piled high on her head, her arms are raised, elbows out as if she is pushing a great weight down. Performer and BSL interpreter Jacqui Beckford with video projection across her white clothing. The projector casts an overbearing shadow of her body onto the wall behind.

In April  2018 we worked with writer and poet, Omikemi, on a research and development theatre piece exploring race, disability and medical history. Our team included a remarkable array of talented creatives and BSL interpeters led by our wonderful Director Vici Wreford-Sinnott.

We would like to thank filmmaker Stephen Rudder for a unique collection of photos and video projections.

The piece will be developed into a performance that will form part of our new production next year.