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I have struggled to navigate my way in this industry since acquiring a disability in 2018. I wanted to join Wellspring so I could write a full length play with support and encouragement.

I needed this support not only regarding the craft of playwrighting but for confirmation from a cohort of fellow writers and professionals who face the same unpredictable challenges that this industry belongs to us and needs our stories and voices in order to survive and thrive.

The workshops have been really insightful and many of the discussions have helped shape my approach to the craft and self-care in this industry.

I did not write the play I initially intended to write. I felt safe and confident that a personal play I would not have written without this experience is the one I wrote. A play I am proud of and certain only I could have written is now out in the world. A play exploring the inner life of a man rarely seen on stage in the UK.

Making new friends and having genuine excitement about our voices and stories being staged has been the highlight. The diversity of the group has ignited a passion for the protentional future of theatre I may be lucky enough to experience as an audience member.

To be in love with theatre again and have confidence in my place in the industry, my right to write what I want on my terms has been the greatest outcome of this programme.

The confidence I gained from this programme also enabled me to submit a full length play to the Woven Voices 2023 competition. My play Mount View Road has now been longlisted for this award.

Yaz Nin (she / her), Wellspring Writer 2023 – 2024

Yaz is a Poet and Playwright. Born in Kibris, raised in Tottenham, she recently had the opening of her monologue “It Takes A Village” broadcast on BBC London Radio. Yaz has also had several short played staged across the UK.

X (formerly known as Twitter): @Yaz_Nin